01 (Common) Hale is a phenomenal cook. To the point that many have asked him to open his own restaurant - though he keeps refusing. Perhaps you've heard someone rave about his abilities? He's been known to cook at that Bismarck occasionally.

02 (Common) Hale is known as a spirit-speaker, and is specifically known among the communities of Ul'dah and Kugane for putting spirits to rest. He can often also be found in the tombs of Gyr Abania, laying spirits to rest there as well. Perhaps you've run into him tomb diving? Or perhaps you're looking for his help....

03 (Common) Hale is a skilled goldsmith and enchanter who is often known to deal in artefacts - when he's not tomb diving after them. Perhaps you have this in common?

04 (Rare) A decade ago, several diplomats were killed in a meeting in Kugane. There's been whispers that he might be responsible... but no one has ever been able to prove it.

05 (Almost Unheard Of) Known to be a skilled close-range mage, some say that what Hale wields is an abomination. Perhaps you've heard of the type of blood magic he dabbles in? Of course... that's if you can get him to confess to it at all.

06 (Rare) Once upon a time Hale was an assassin for a yakuza group known as the Arakawa. Perhaps you knew him as he was an operative in Ul'dah and Kugane. Or perhaps you heard the name Lanius Arakawa in your travels. Commonly known as Shrike. Just... perhaps....

OOC Rules

01 Hale is as he is and he reacts how he reacts. If you have a difficult time with characters that may be antagonistic for varying reasons, DO NOT INTERACT WITH HALE. You have been warned. How Hale reacts is not meant to be a jab at anyone or anything OOCly. Please do not bleed..

02 ~ Hale is on the Crystal Data Center (Balmung).~

03 The player is over the age of 21.

04 IC does not equal OOC. Do not bleed/blend. The minute you even HINT at this or become overbearing/demanding - I will pull Hale from any and all future RP's with you.

05 I am open to most RP, including mature themes - just make sure to reach out and communicate.

06 I will not RP any mature theme with anyone who is under the age of 18. I also do not RP illegal themes such as underage themes, or rape.

07 I am NOT looking for anything OOC besides friendship! Please do not hint at or suggest any other type of relationship!

08 If you would like to contact me because you think our characters would vibe, I can be reached at Saeas on Discord.

09 Yes, I ERP. le gasp OH NO! Look, I believe that just like anything else, sex is a part of life and that it can be weaved into RP. While it's not my primary focus, it is healthy and natural for a character just like it is for a human being. Don't worry, I don't force people to ERP. You do not have to ERP to RP with me. I can RP PG-13 themes and FTB just as well as anything else. Just know that I expect communication between both players behind the character and I expect you to be mature about it. Thanks!


01 ⠀ general

full name. Hale Valencia
also known as. Lanius, Shrike.
age. 34*
gender. Male
pronouns. He/him
romantic orientation. Polyamorous
sexual orientation. Bisexual - Male Leaning
occupation. Enchanter (Blood Mage)
species. Miqo'te - Keeper of the Moon

02 ⠀ background

birthplace. The Black Shroud
current home. Shirogane, The Mist
language(s). Common, Doman, Hingan, Sign Language, Xaelic.
parents. Mahalia Vhenyn, Altani'sae Vhenyn
Spouse. None.
Mates/Partners. Fate Lhas, Xelah Jakkya

03 ⠀ appearance

hair. Dyed. Black, down to waist.
eyes. Crystalline blue
height. 5'10"
build. 175 ponze
scars. necklace of bite scars, mate mark on his forearm.
tattoo. A crow - small of back.
piercings. Tongue and nipple piercings.
other remarkable features. Always wears face paint.

04 ⠀ personality

positive traits. Good listener, mischievous, observant, sometimes shy.
negative traits. First impressions are everything, and it's hard to change his mind.
likes. Red wine, dango, blood-oranges, romance, adventure, traveling.
dislikes. Liars, people who toy with his emotions, sweets, and white wine.
fears & phobias. Fears losing his other halves.
wishes & dreams. Wants a genuine life.
moral alignment. Chaotic Neutral


Xelah Jakkya


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